Rob Brens

Musician : Educator : Writer


Rob Brens is a musician based in Melbourne, Australia who has formed a reputation across a myriad of genres as a player who is capable of integrating quickly with any group and delivering performances that are energetic, creative and professional. His love of multiple styles has given him not just versatility, but the ability to inject a unique approach into every situation. All of these qualities have extended through to his career as an educator, which has seen him teach in multiple settings, from every school level, to teaching beginners and professionals, in private lessons or master classes. 

Rob currently holds a valid Working with Children check

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Original Bands/Artists Rob has performed with include:

  • Hadal Maw (current member)

  • I Built the Sky (live member)

  • Rival Fire (live fill in)

  • Mirrors (live member)

  • Teramaze (studio session)

  • Clairy Browne (live fill in)

  • Earth Rot (studio session)

  • King Parrot (live member)

  • James Ivanyi (live member)

  • Desecrator (live fill in)

  • Rob Farnham (studio session/live member)

  • Alarum (previous member)

  • The Schoenberg Automaton (live fill in)

  • Rifleman (live member)

  • Aural Window (live fill in)

  • Dreadnaught (live fill in)

  • A Million Dead Birds Laughing (live fill in)

  • Mousecapades (live member)

  • Mason (live fill in)

  • Liminal (studio session)

  • Toby Spicer (studio session)

  • Phantom Panda Power Master Wizard Master Smasher (studio session)

  • Mechanical Silencer (studio session)

  • Hemy & Marshall (live fill in)

  • Steve Turner (studio session)

  • Tristan Coates (studio session)

  • Luthor (studio session)

  • Nevadream (studio session)

  • Lounge Machine (live fill in)

  • The Hiding (previous member)

  • Spitfire Rain (previous member)

  • Tribal Clown (previous member)

  • Caractacus (previous member)

  • Lanstrum (previous member)


  • Cherry Lips

  • Racer Axe (current member)

  • Safari Motel (current member)

  • The Australiasian Michael Buble Tribute

  • Sexual Chocolate

  • Infinity

  • Plastique

  • The Ultimate 80's

  • Action Sam

  • Dr Shred and The Electric Mayhem

  • Moneypenny

  • Selecta

  • Cherry Bomb

  • The Usual Suspects

  • Ace of Spades

  • Boogie Wonderland

  • Desound

  • United Representatives of Soul

  • Greene with Envy

  • Various freelance jazz/blues acts


Rob’s love of music has been innate throughout his entire life, but his first pursuit began at the age of 10, when after begging his parents for long enough, he started taking drum lessons and from there, an obsession was born. His tuition continued into high school, taking further lessons with additional teachers, exploring more genres, learning to read music while playing the school’s concert band and jamming with friends.

Towards the end of high school it became apparent that this was it, this was to be his life's work and he went on to study a Bachelor of Music Performance at Box Hill College of Music where he expanded upon his knowledge of jazz, fusion, latin and everything he could absorb. Whilst studying, he began hitting the scene playing in local rock and metal groups while also making his way into the covers scene, growing his repertoire as he went between top 40’s, blues, funk and classic rock and pop covers.

Rob’s facility in jazz and fusion coupled with his long running fondness of heavy music eventually landed him the chair with Australia’s premier fusion metal band Alarum which saw him tour the country, share the stage with many high profile international bands and tour overseas. This also functioned as a platform that displayed his ability to navigate compositions that required a firm understanding of odd times, complex rhythms and blistering metal chops which in turn started generating requests from other bands to fill in which included some of Australia’s top metal acts such as King Parrot, Desecrator, The Schoenberg Automaton, A Million Dead Birds Laughing and many more. Over the course of 2013 he took his experiences from across these bands to help form Hadal Maw, a modern death metal act that has fast become a favourite amongst Australia’s burgeoning metal scene with its unique take on the genre.

However, Rob’s ability hasn’t been limited to just metal, he’s been much in demand across the covers scene, playing in tribute bands, big band jazz settings, corporate bands, wedding bands, top 40’s bands and also filling in with original bands of varying genres, often times with minimal notice.

Rob’s work ethic, which has helped him attain this resume, has been fuelled by an ongoing passion and love for the craft of music, no matter the style. This is only matched by his love of sharing knowledge, which caught the attention of one of Australia’s popular Heavy music publications, Heavy Music Magazine, wherein Rob provided a regular educational article to thousands of readers as well as numerous interviews and reviews. As well as still occasionally contributing to Heavy, Rob also enjoys crafting his own reading material centered around motivation and guidance for other players which can be read at the blog.

Rob is currently available for lessons, live and studio session work and he can be contacted at or at one of the social media links below. 

Rob plays Pearl Drums and Los Cabos drumsticks, Remo drumheads and Axis Pedals exclusively.