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Welcome to the educational portion of my website. Here I’ll be leaving plenty of tid bits for people to add to their practice routines, whether it’s from songs I’ve been working on, ways of breaking out of particular moulds of playing or maybe just a fill or sticking to add to your tool box.

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  • 5/9/2015

developing speed with double kick

Below is an exercise I developed for myself to help break into some new speed zones that I was having trouble reaching. After talking with some other players and experimenting a little I found that a traditional approach of finding a comfortable tempo then gradually working up isn't 100% effective. Sometimes muscles can be really stubborn and the speed has to be "coaxed" out. A good way to do this is to find the tempo you're trying to hit and work on patterns that play in short bursts, then gradually extend it out till you can play a roll, then build your endurance from there. Enjoy!

  • 30/4/2015

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