Rob Brens

Musician : Educator : Writer


What do I need to get started with online drum lessons?

Any computer with a webcam is fine, even a tablet or smart phone works as long as it has a stable internet connection. I typically use Skype but am happy to work with other programs if you have a preference. A dropbox account is also required as that's where I'll keep your practice journal and any handouts I give you. You can get a free account from Other than that, sticks, pads, drums, anything you can practice on!

Can I take drum lessons without a drum kit?

You can absolutely start learning drums without a drum kit. Obviously it's useful to have a kit to practice on, but as long as you have sticks and something to hit, you can practice technique and improve until you can get a kit!

Will I be working from a course book?

The bulk of the lessons will be from my personally crafted materials which draws on my experiences, experiments and lessons from all the people I've worked with over the years. The benefit of this method is that I can custom create worksheets for my students depending on their skill level and what they need to work on. However, I also have books by other authors I favour too, but that's optional. 

Are online drum lessons okay for beginners?

Totally. The key to starting drum lessons is guidance. Whether it is in person on online, you will receive the same, well-rounded drum education.

What kinds of things can I expect to learn?

Anything and everything! My philosophy is I want you to have to tools to start enjoying playing music asap, so once we build some basic foundations such as rock beats, proper stick technique, mechanics on the kit and more, we'll start learning some tunes.

If you've been playing for a while and have specific goals, then we'll build a plan together and start working towards it. There's a lot that goes into preparing for performances that go outside of simply practising, so I also help make sure we have our head in the right space before hitting the stage with coaching and advice. The sky is the limit!